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Scholarships & Discounts

In ELE USAL Varsovia we do our best to adapt our offer to our clients’ expectations. For this reason we offer our students the following discounts:

  • For pupils below 18 years – 5% discount
  • For students and PhDs students – 5% discount
  • For new students of ELE USAL Varsovia – 5% discount
  • For people who continue their learning in ELE USAL Varsovia – 8% discount
  • For people who pay once for the entire course – 5% discount
  • For holders of Karta Dużej Rodziny – 10% discount
  • For holders of Karta Warszawiaka and Karta Młodego Warszawiaka – 10% discount

Other discounts proceeding from distinct agreements and contracts signed by ELE USAL (participation in discount programmes, etc.).

The discounts mentioned above add up. However, total amount of discount cannot exceed 25% of the total price of the course.