The School

Warsaw is the first city in Central Europe, where people fascinated with the Spanish language and culture have the opportunity to learn Spanish in a school belonging to the network ELE USAL. The city is the largest academic, business and cultural center in Poland.

Warsaw is located at the crossroads of major transport routes from the south to the north and from the east to the west of Europe. For this reason, it can be said, that the city accumulates all the positive energy of the continent, and thus is an ideal place for anybody to work, expand horizons and set new goals.

In ELE School USAL Warsaw residents now have the opportunity to even stronger develop their contacts with the whole world through the study of Spanish based on the centuries-old tradition and experience of the University of Salamanca. This fact guarantees students the comfort of learning in a place where they can find educational services that meet the highest standards of teaching. The University of Salamanca oversees and guarantees it with its prestige. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that just as Warsaw combines tradition and monuments with the modern city center dominated by the skyscrapers, ELE USAL Warsaw skillfully combines proven teaching methods with the latest technology to support its teaching process.

We believe that centuries of experience and wisdom of the University of Salamanca will help our students achieve the best results and enjoy the knowledge of one of the most popular languages in the world.